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Rear link, rod for height sensor (AFS) HONDA ACCORD 8 (2008-2012) 33146TA0003 33146TA0J01 33146TL0G21

Delivered to Netherlands in about 15 days. All good!

Catalin Banici Already bought
12/10/2023 team

Great to hear! Thank you for your feedback.

Front left link, rod for height sensor ACURA MDX (2006-2013) 33186STXA01

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I am with your business. The part is perfect and the same quality as the OEM. Shipping was not too expensive and very fast. I will recommend you to everyone I know! Keep up the great work! Thanks!

James Already bought
04/09/2023 team

Thanks for your feedback, we are sincerely happy that you are satisfied :)

Thank you for your trust, we appreciate your evaluation and it's truly the best incentive for us!

Rear right link, rod for height sensor LEXUS RX300 (1998-2003) 8940733020

Hello HeightSensor team! First, I would like to thank you for the sensor I ordered last year. Quality is good, and shipping is as expected. I just want to share that I made a video installing the height sensor I purchased from you. I am hoping my video will give future customers peace of mind when ordering from your website. Thank you again for the great product. I really hope my video helps grow your sales.

RobertJeffrey Already bought
19/06/2023 team

Thank you so much for your feedback, so nice to receive such e-mails from customers! We enjoyed watching your video, it's so cool that people might think it's an advertisement:)
It's true, some customers leave us because of our location and this barbaric invasion from russians, even though we offer safe PayPal payment. Your video will definetly help us!
Thanks again and best wishes for your YouTube channel!

Front link, rod for height sensor (AFS) MAZDA 6 GH 2007-2012 GS1F5121Y

Order processing was quick, confirmation in 15 min and within a few hours my order was shipped. Delivery to Germany was equally impressive, as the package arrived in 11 days. Great result for a free shipping option (I used Ukrposta). I saw that they also ship with UPS, don't know if it could be faster. Maybe this varies from destination country. Thanks guys!

Steffen Already bought
Rear link, rod for height sensor (AFS) MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 8651A047, 8651A147, 8651A161

Bought for my Outlander XL 2009MY. Fast delivery, new part as described, installation was quick and easy. Overall, an excellent purchase. Highly recommend!

Lee Already bought
Rear link, rod for height sensor (AFS) HONDA ACCORD 8 (2008-2012) 33146TA0003 33146TA0J01 33146TL0G21

Good, 15 Days to UK Leicester

Kevin Already bought
Front link, rod for height sensor (AFS) SUBARU OUTBACK B14 2009-2014 84021AJ000

*******@yahoo,com jørbland 4103 Home Address ******

nedal houria Already bought
22/02/2023 team

Hello, Nedal!
We have sent you all information on your order including tracking details to your e-mail address. Thanks for your inquiry!

Rear right link, rod for height sensor LEXUS RX270 RX350 RX450h (2008-2015) 8940748060, 8940748061, 894070E010

Thank you and I wish you well in Ukraine! You have support from many many countries including Canada! Thank You!

Noah Already bought
06/01/2023 team

Thank you for your support, to you and your country, and thanks to all the countries that lend us their support during this difficult time for us.

Front link, rod for height sensor (AFS) MAZDA 3 BL 2009-2013 BBP35121Y

This is exactly what I was looking for my Mazda!

Chris Dagis Already bought
Front left link, rod for height sensor ACURA MDX (2006-2013) 33186STXA01

payment successful after 3 attempts. I couldn't pay directly with my card, used PayPal instead.

Kubilay Already bought
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