Warranty and Return

General warranty conditions

  • the warranty period begins from the moment of delivery (transfer) of the goods to the Buyer;
  • the guarantee extends to all countries, where delivery is available;
  • the seller provides warranty support for goods, when the defect is caused by his fault or the fault of the manufacturer;
  • the warranty is provided for a period of 6 to 24 months depending on the service policy of the manufacturer. The warranty period for each product is indicated in the description or in the technical characteristics of the product;
  • warranty means replacement defected goods with the same new or similar products. The decision to replace with a similar characteristics product is made in agreement with the Buyer in case of impossibility to replace with a new one. If it is not possible to find a similar product, the Seller returns the amount paid for such Goodst to the Buyer;

The seller is not responsible for:

        1. any possible damage to other equipment or materials that work with the goods;

        2. for compatibility of components with components of third-party manufacturers;

        3. for any losses (loss of profit, cessation of business activity, other monetary expenses) related to the use or inability to use the purchased goods;

Warranty void and the seller is not responsible if:

  • the purchased goods are installed to the units / devices / autos not specified in the description of the goods
  • the buyer changed / modified the purchased goods
  • the purchased product is installed not in an intended place, ie the whole unit has been changed or modified.

Return of goods

Within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt, Buyer can return the goods purchased in our online store, subject to compliance with compliance with all the rules provided by the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" and other applicable regulations.

To return an item purchased in our online store, please make sure that:

  • the product was not in use and has no traces of use
  • the goods are fully completed and the integrity of its packaging is not damaged;
  • all labels and factory markings are saved;
  • available document confirming the purchase of such goods.

The delivery of goods being returned is carried out at the expense of the Buyer and his own forces to the warehouse of the Seller's online store.

Refund is made only to the person who paid for the goods. Refund to the Buyer is made on the basis of his application within 7 (seven) banking days from the date of receipt of such application and after the return of the goods to the address of the Seller's online store.

The funds are returned to the Buyer's bank account specified in the application. The application for return of goods should contain the following mandatory details:

  •  Buyer's first and second name;
  •  Name of goods;
  •  Date of purchase;
  •  Shipping waybill number;
  •  Returned order price;
  •  The reason of returning;
  •  Buyer's e-mail address;
  •  Buyer's telephone number;
  •  Buyer's signature;
  •  Buyer's bank account details for refund.